Winners of BlogExpat Top Blog Awards - January 2014

14 January, 2014 11:58  Erin Erin

Top Expat Blog Awards - Icon There are so many great expat bloggers out there, writing about this fantastic world and their adventures, we like to take the opportunity to highlight their journeys whenever we can. We currently have 2,025 expat blogs (add yours now!), every Monday our Twitter Round-up shares the best tweets of the week, we feature expat interviews two times a week and every quarter we award our 5 Top Expat Blog Award.

And so the time has come again for our latest awards! These blogs have caught our eye for their ability to demonstrate life abroad (both the good and the bad) and their blog's unique style and charm.



Winners of BlogExpat Top Blog Awards - September 2013

25 September, 2013 11:06  Erin Erin

Top Expat Blog Award 2013 EasyExpat seeks to provide all the tools and resources you need to move abroad, but sometimes the best advice is from the people who have been there, done that. Luckily, many expats are happy to share their story and advice. We have featured over 250 expat interviews from our extensive directory of expat blogs. From Europe to South America to Asia, from English to Spanish to French - we've shared your expat stories. The triumphs, the failures, and the joy are all part of a rich heritage of life abroad.

Earlier this year we announced our first BlogExpat's Top Expat Blog Awards and tips for creating a great expat blog. Today we announce this quarter's Top 5 Blog Winners! These blogs have been picked for their ability to translate day-to-day life abroad and their unique expat perspective. Read about their experience, tips, and stories.  (More)


Winners of BlogExpat Top Blog Awards - June 2013

26 June, 2013 13:13  Erin Erin

Top Expat Blog Award 2013 EasyExpat provides a wealth of information concerning global expats, as well as specialized resources for expat life all over the world. From Expat News to comprehensive city guides to expat forums to FAQs and more.... we provide the tools to help you arrive and thrive abroad.

However, we recognize there are many wonderful resources and continually support other great expat sites and bloggers. Big or small, we want to bring you the most helpful expat sources and give credit where credit is due.

That is why we created BlogExpat's Top Expat Blog Awards earlier this year. We pluck just 5 blogs from our extensive Expat Blog Listings and Expat Interviews that have made us ohh & aww over their unique, funny, mouth-watering, and fascinating posts. We named our first Expat Blog winners in March, and now it is time for our second group of winners!



Winners of BlogExpat Top Blog Awards - March 2013

27 March, 2013 11:00  Erin Erin

Top Expat Blog Award 2013As our extensive collection of expat blogs has grown, we have found that every expat has a story. It has been our pleasure to share these stories through our twitter round-ups, articles, and in our series of Expat Interviews.

Last year we celebrated our first year of Expat Interviews with some of the best answers in the series. Some answers were inspiring...

Why did you move abroad?
Jack Scott - From London to Bodrum: "I was a petty bureaucrat for 30 years gently ascending a career ladder to middle management, middle income and a middling suburban terrace; comfortable, secure and passionately dissatisfying. I thought it high time to take a break from my labours, put my feet up and watch the pansies grow."

...some frustrating,

What do you miss most?
Steve - From Greenwich to Beijing: "I think the anonymity - I can walk round most places in Europe or the Americas and just go about my business, but here I stick out entirely. The better I become at Mandarin the more I realize there are so often people watching and commenting loudly on my every move."

...and some were downright wild.

What custom/ habits do you find most strange about your adopted culture?
Marie - From Colorado to Rabat: "Strangers coming up and kissing my blond children on the mouth. You see, blond children are considered lucky here in Morocco. Moroccans are extremely friendly and love children, but in America we call people who do this pedophiles. By the way, my children do not consider themselves lucky for being blond in Morocco..."



Announcing BlogExpat's Top Expat Blog Awards

07 February, 2013 15:08  Blogger Awards Blogger Awards

Every day, fabulous new expat blogs are added to our blog directory. Blogs come from every corner of the globe (Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Central America, North America, South America, & Oceania) in 5 languages (English, Français, Español, Italiano, and Deutsch). Thousands of stories are shared here: stories of joy, great meals, humorous encounters, embarrassing culture clashes and one-of-a-kind experiences.  (More)


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